Yoga Blocks

Welcome to the, your online source for Yoga blocks and accessories. Yoga blocks are an awesome yoga prop because not only do they help you get in a certain pose that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, they can be also serve as supports for restorative yoga as well as for therapeutics treatment. You can find illustrations of how to use them in most yoga books.  Yoga blocks come in a variety of styles and material. Most studios area leaning toward more environmentally friendly material, so blocks made with bamboo are popular right now. Bamboo is probably the lightest wood you can find and make for easy positioning.  The only lighter choice would be foam or cork yoga blocks but they don’t have anywhere near the durability of bamboo.  “Foam blocks are so 1980, or 1990” is what my local yoga instructor told me.  She did admit that they are actually they’re useful for certain things however. “For me I tell people how to do poses like Parsva Konasana, and I have them come to the wall and put a block between them and their knees.” The yoga block helps them learn to direct their knee at the wall and to apply to correct amount force.

Yoga BlocksYoga blocks were invented by BKS Iyengar. He was really sick as a child and when he learned yoga there were things be couldn’t do, so he devised several props to help him. Yoga blocks are used in studios all over the world.  “People can definitely overuse them”, my instructor goes on to say.  “A prop is only useful when it’s used to aid you, but not when you use it and refuse to grow beyond it. I think the yoga block is a great metaphor for life. It’s like the training wheel. You do have to, or you get to, take it off eventually, but some people may hang on to it and don’t go beyond their abilities.”

Most yoga blocks cost about 15-20 US dollars.  Some things to look for when buying yoga blocks other than the material as discussed above, are the size and weight.  Yoga students come in all difference shapes and sizes so an instructor should have props to accommodate them all.  My instructor’s favorite yoga block is from Barefoot Yoga.  “It’s nice and light and you can buy a bunch of them for a decent price.”  Think about buying both wood and foam blocks if you can because they serve different purposes.  Ensure you get some of the standard size because if they’re too thin you won’t be able to rely on them for standing poses.  They can get very wobbly. Where do you buy them?  Most athletic stores have them now, like Sports Authority, Big 5, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or REI.  “I would try them on to see if you like the way they feel. I got mine at and have been very happy.”

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